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Bethel College Library FAQs: Where can I find. . .?

Where to find miscellaneous services

Computers for use by faculty, students, and staff are located on the main level (8 computers).  Two computers are located on the upper level.  One thin client is available on the lower level.

Library catalog access, along with limited time Internet use, is available via the computer at the circulation desk.

Laser printer is located behind the circulation desk. Printouts are 5 cents each.

A photocopier is located on the main level.  Copies are 10 cents each. You can also scan documents to a flash drive (bring your own).  Scanning is free.

A scanner is located on the main level east of the interlibrary loan desk. Scanning is free; you can also send print jobs from the scanner to the circulation desk printer.  Printouts are 5 cents each.

Copying is on a cash/check-basis only.  We do not trade paper for printing, and we do not accept credit cards.

Miscellaneous office supplies (stapler, hole punch, etc.) are located at the circulation desk on the main level.

Public restrooms are located on the lower level (outside the library itself) in the hall running north/south through the building.  Other restrooms are located on the upper level at the top of the northeast stairway.

Where to find library materials

Nonfiction (BCL Main):  Upper level (pictured).

   000s start on the west end of the new building.  Call numbers get larger as you move east and end at 349.

   Call numbers 350 through 999.99 are located in the old building through double doors.

Oversize (BCL Over) books are located in the stacks range on the far east end of the new building on the north side.

Biographies (B) are located on the easternmost range of the old building.

Fiction (F) is located south of the elevator.

Children's books:

   Most of the Mariann Wiebe Siebert Memorial Collection is located east of the elevator.  This includes easy and junior non-fiction, easy books (E), and junior (J) books.  Young adult fiction and non-fiction (YA) are located on the last range of metal shelving on the east end of the new building.

Reference books (BCL Ref) are located on the main level.

Current periodicals (this calendar year) are located on the main level.

Older periodicals are shelved on the lower level, arranged alphabetically by title.

Videos (DVD and videotape) (BCL Video) are located in the Listening Room on the main level.  Check out a key at the front desk to browse the collection.

LPs/records (BCL LP)are located on the lower level in the southwest corner.

Jazz books (BCL Jazz) are located on the lower level in the southwest corner.

Musical scores (BCL Scores) are located on the lower level in the soughwest corner.

Reserve materials vary from semester to semester and can be found behind the circulation desk.  Ask for reserve items by class name.



The reserve shelf behind the circulation desk.  Reserve books are shelved by class name, but if you don't remember that, we can look up the class by instructor's name or name of the book.  Please remember to check out anything you take off of reserve; it's very possible that the item you are using will be needed by someone else very soon, and it's very helpful for us to know who has it and when it is due back.

Because reserve materials are in high demand, fines and fees are levied on them the morning after check out (1 day or less).