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Bethel College Library FAQs: How do I. . . . ?

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Library assistants (your fellow students) work at the circulation desk.  You can ask them a wide variety of questions; they know how to use the catalog, ebrary, and EBSCOHost, and they can also help you figure out what is on Reserve.  And, if they don't know the answer to your question, they will direct you to someone who does!



How do I access databases when I'm off campus?

Several of our databases (notably EBSCOhost and ProQuest) allow off-campus use via user name/password. Email Renae Stucky for instructions.  You may also log in to a campus server to access your personal folder on the server and access campus resources.  Contact Renae for instructions OR click here for more detailed instructions.

How do I use the elevator?

Below is the panel for controlling the elevator.  The most important thing to remember about our elevator is that you may come into the library freely, but you cannot LEAVE the library using the elevator unless you ask for help from library staff.

To ENTER the library from the ground floor:

   *1 takes you to the PERIODICAL STACKS 

   2F takes you to the main level (circulation desk, study tables, coffee)

   3 takes you to the top (third) level with book stacks and study areas.

To LEAVE the library:

 Ask a library assistant to key you out.

 2R takes you to the library mezzanine (same level as the main level; the mezzanine has an entrance to the Mennonite Library & Archives and a Kauffman Museum display.
 1R allows you to leave the library without needing the use the stairs.
Clear as mud?  Ask any library staff member for help.


How do I print?

Printing from computers in the library costs 5 cents. You may print from a library computer to our laser printer, which is located behind the circulation desk.  Send your print jobs to \\ps\library-printer  and come to the front desk to pick up your printouts.

There is currently no way to print from personal laptop computers. Many people simply email the document they want to print to themselves, log into a library computer, and print it from their email.

The library does not accept paper for printing. 

Photocopies cost 10 cents.  The Xerox machine has a coin-op, meaning you can insert nickels, dimes, quarters and $1 bills in order to make copies.  Change is available at the circulation desk.

To wake the copier up, press the green Energy Saver button.

The machine also scans documents.  You must supply your own flash drive to save your scanned documents to.