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Nursing: Nursing

Welcome to nursing research!

This guide will acquaint you with the resources you need to successfully do academic research in the field of nursing.  Materials available to you range from books to videos to online databases. 

Recommended Books

A sampling of nursing books owned by the College Library.

Nursing News

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Accessing CINAHL off-campus

If you have questions or problems logging into databases off campus, contact Gail Stucky.

In order to search all of our EBSCO databases when off-campus, you need to log in.  There are several ways to do this.

1.  Use your email prefix*/campus ID to login using this link:  BC OFF-CAMPUS PATRON ACCESS (this is new!) Note:  the start screen will list ALL EBSCO databases.  Pick the EBSCOhost link for databases like Academic Search Premier and CINAHL. (To see screenshots of the process, go to the bottom box on this page.)

*"email prefix" is what comes BEFORE  So, for, "hermanbubbert" is the email prefix.

2.  When ON CAMPUS, set up a "My EBSCOhost" account. (Here are INSTRUCTIONS.) Once that account is set up, you can log in remotely.  USE THE LINK ON THE LIBRARY HOMEPAGE YOU NORMALLY USE FOR ON-CAMPUS ACCESS. Plus, with a My EBSCOHost account, you can save search results, persistent links to searches, search alerts, journal alerts, and web pages to your personal My EBSCOhost folder.


3.  Ask for a user name/password combination from Gail Stucky.  We've used this method for years and will phase it out at the end of Spring 2017.


This template is used with the permission of Kathy Swanson, Montgomery College, MD.


If you have questions, contact Gail Stucky