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Mennonite Library and Archives - Native American sources: Digitized sources

A listing of some of the sources in the Mennonite Library and Archives related to Native American history.


The links below are to digitized versions of various Native American sources at the Mennonite Library and Archives. This list is incomplete and we will add to it from time to time.


Rodolphe Petter English-Cheyenne Dictionary (1915)

CONG. 104 Zion Arapaho Mennonite Church, Canton, Oklahoma, record book

elecrec 151 Darlington, Oklahoma, Mennonite mission school record book 1896-1897 digital photos (MLA does not have original book)

MS.10 Christian Krehbiel papers (Very little survives about the Halstead Indian school. Most of the records were reportedly lost in the big 1914 downtown Newton fire.):

MS.13 Gustav A. Linscheid and Anna S. Hirschler Linscheid papers

MS.21 H. R. Voth papers:

MS.31 Rodolphe Petter papers:

SA.I.6 Lists of Cheyenne Indians who were granted beef issues, 1886, Cantonment, Oklahoma

SA.I.7 School records of Cantonment Indian Mission School, Oklahoma, 1889-1900, including register of students and quarterly reports

SA.I.164  Baptism records and other notes, Hopi mission, Arizona, 1904-1959

SA.I.169  Manuscripts on Cheyennes and Hopis - Christmas celebrations and family life 1930s

SA.I.191 Cantonment, Oklahoma, cemetery plat

SA.II.222 Account of experience with Hopi Indians by Jacob B. Frey, untitled, undated, photocopy (location of original unknown)

SA.II.242 Cornelius J. Frey (1876-1914), “The life of a Hopi Indian missionary”; typed

SA.II.780 Bethel Mennonite Church, Hammon, Oklahoma, membership records 1906-1972

SA.II.1017 Minute Book of the Conference of Mission Workers in the Mennonite Mission, Indian Territory, Arapahoe and Cheyenne Reservation, 1892-1920 

SA.II.1121 Membership information of Bethel Mennonite Church, Hammon, Oklahoma, 1967

SA.II.1122 Membership information and other records of Bethel Mennonite Church, Hammon, Oklahoma, and Cantonment Mission Station, Longdale-Fonda, Oklahoma

SA.II.1126 “1932 Membership-Record Cantonment Mission Station Longdale-Fonda” Oklahoma

SA.II.1127 Reports to General Conference Board of Missions from Oklahoma Indian churches 1959-1962

SA.II.2056 Typed historical accounts of various Oklahoma Cheyenne and Arapaho mission stations, one on Cantonment by Rodolphe Petter


SA.III.279, Darlington, Oklahoma, map (scanned photo 2009-0129) (undated but maybe late 1890s?)


I.A.1.a General Conference Mennonite Church - Board of Missions general files 1870-1899

I.A.14.b General Conference Mennonite Church - Board of Missions Arizona 1901-1950s

I.RR Land and property records still located in the Mennonite Church USA vault, Newton, Kansas

VII.R.67 General Conference Mennonite Church - Voluntary Service files 1990-2001 (items related to Hopi Mission School and Kykotsmovi land)

VII.X.8 General Conference Mennonite Church - Division of Administration - Ted Stuckey files 1960s-2001 (items related to Oklahoma and Arizona land)