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Fake news or real? or how to become media savvy: Look at all sides!

Your guide to learning how to find credible sources about governmental and political issues.

Even published sources have bias.  This diagram includes many popular news sources.  What do you read?  Should you balance your reading to get a better feel for all sides?

 ‚Äč"Smart media choices can help us to strengthen our civic muscles and form a learner’s mind."

AllSides is a website attempts to provide us with a more well-rounded view of complex political stories. According to CEO John Gable“If you actually want to understand something, if you want to learn about something, just hearing what you already think doesn’t educate you at all."

To the right of this text is an AllSides widget that provides us with a variety of viewpoints.  For more detail and information about media and bias.....

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