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A guide to basic library resources in the field of history.

Blogging Historians

Blogs authored by professional historians reveal a side of historical scholarship not found elsewhere.


  Welcome to the library guide to research in history.  The links described here are simply a starting place for you research; you will find more (and possibly better!) resources as you do your own research.  If you any questions about conducting historical research, ask your professors or the librarians/archivist at the BC Library and the Mennonite Library & Archives.

Thanks to David C. Murray, subject specialist in History, Latin American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese at Paley Library, Temple University (PA) for many of the links and pages presented in this guide.

In the Service of Clio

If you're exploring various ways to use your graduate degree in history then check out this unique blog maintained by historian Nicholas Evan Sarantakes. It contains posts of interest to anyone with a graduate degree in the humanities who is looking for advice about career management. David Murray's favorite post: The History Ph.D. as a Librarian, of course!

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