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EBSCO eBooks: Home

EBooks at Bethel College

The College Library has access to thousands of quality electronic books.

They come from 2 different databases:  EBSCO eBooks and ebrary.  This guide will acquaint you with the EBSCO eBooks platform and how to search for and find EBSCO eBooks.

What are EBSCO eBooks?

The College Library owns almost 18,000 electronic books through EBSCOHost.

They are primarily from academic publishers and complement our book collection.  Subjects covered in the collection include business, education, history, literature, and more. Most of the books are in .pdf format.

Complete list of eBooks

Why use eBooks?

  • Most are from academic publishers and great for college research.
  • You can download literally hundreds to your computer.
  • You can also download them to your portable device.
  • You can search the entire contents of the books and find your results in a hyperlinked list.
  • You can take notes in the electronic version of the book.
  • Because they are owned by our library (in a consortium with others), they are free for you to use and download.
  • eBooks from EBSCO check out for one week.


If you have questions, contact Gail Stucky

Finding EBSCo eBooks: a video

A sampling of our eBooks